Kazmir Gets His Wings

OK, it’s time. Kazmir’s been in my head way too long. Time to get him out and in the public. I know, I’ll write script for a movie. Perfect. How hard can that be? A producer-friend laughs at me and suggests writing the book first. That way, the audience will fall in love with my characters and it will be harder to deviate from them. OK. I’ll write a book. How hard can that be? I mean, not to belittle authors who write for a living, but I’ve got a great idea here.

My writer-friend laughs at me and gives me a few pointers in getting started. I’m all excited and have my favorite pen ready to go. My outline is shaping up. Then life hits me big time. I move to Venezia, Italy. If you’ve ever been there, you’ll understand why my favorite pen wasn’t enough to inspire me to write. I mean, the food, the water, the stars...

After 5 years of food, water and stars, I move back to California. I marry the man of my dreams. Now I’m ready to focus again. If only I can remember where I packed my pen.

Now with a few more life lessons learned, the writing is flowing out of me. Each passage is practically writing itself and the connections between chapters are happening effortlessly. Wow, I’ve heard about this happening to others. It’s way cooler happening to me.

A good friend offers to edit and we craft a few wonderful scenarios together. And to think, I drew this little camel when I was only 12 and I finally started seriously writing in 2002. In answer to my own question, “How hard can that be?” well, 26 years later...

A few more edits, a few proof reads, and Kazmir finally has his wings. Fly, baby, fly!



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