Vote For Kazmir

Wondering who to vote for in the 52nd Grammy Awards? Kazmir and Bryan Cranston are on the ballot. If you're a member, please consider Adventures with Kazmir. If you're not a member, please spread the word to anyone who can vote. Kazmir is one of 39 on the ballot in Children's Spoken Word. Only 5 will be selected as Nominees. How great would that be? Kazmir nominated for a Grammy, maybe even winning his very own Grammy. Then maybe a star on the Walk of Fame, and his hoof prints in front of the Chinese Theatre. His name in lights on the marquee at the opening of his movie. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

I'm so excited about being on the ballot that I'd like to share the download with you. Please use and share the code "NARAS" at checkout to get your free download. Then share the love and tell everyone you know to vote for Kazmir. With full score, theme song, and complete voice characterizations, the production is truly spectacular.