Dreaming of Stain Boy

At the beginning of this journey, the beginning of this blog, I've shared with you that Tim Burton is my choice as director for my movie about Kazmir. He's not my only choice as there are some amazing talents out there, but he is my first choice. Although life has come between me and my last entry, visions of Kazmir on the silver screen have continued to push me forward. In fact, last weekend, my husband and I went to LACMA (that's Los Angeles County Museum for all you visitors). I've been waiting for this show for months - The Art of Tim Burton. Wow! What a show for the senses. The color, the stripes, the music, the costumes. I couldn't spend nearly as much time as I wanted because the crowd was thick. So until I go back to see it again, I have been spending some intimate time with the big huge book from the show - gingerly turning each page, examining the creations that come out of this man's mind. And these are just sketches, mere scribbles on napkins and newspapers, each line is perfect, simple, and yet a thousand words are expressed. Oh what this genius could do with Kazmir as the movie. I'm giddy with the thought of Tim Burton breathing life into my creation, taking him farther than I dare to dream. How evil and twisted could Farouk really become? How would the Wish Weaver Spider move on her woven web of wishes? What sights and sounds would exist in the industrial 3rd Sky of the Rain Masters? I just gotta find out. Tim! Call me!