The Five Skies - Sky 1

When I first started writing the story of Kazmir, I decided on 7 skies, for no other reason than I liked the number. But what were they? Where were they? Like any good design, form follows function, so what do the skies do? As I thought about them, and started drawing them, I came to one conclusion. There could only be Five Skies. Each Sky reflects one of the Five Elements and has a conscious color that compliments the setting. There. That's the form follows function part. The Skies have meaning. Next, I had to give them purpose.

initial development sketch for the Five Skies

initial development sketch for the Five Skies

Valley of The Option Trees - The First Sky I started with wood. And what better use of wood than a living tree. Although I incorporated 3 gigantic, enormous trees, cause I just can't do anything halfway. I used to sit for hours in a huge Coral Tree that grew in our yard, so it was easy for me to imagine a world in a tree and what that world would be like. The branches would become the sidewalks and pathways for the bustling creatures that lived there. But it wasn't enough to just exist. These creatures and their world existed for a reason, and I got to decide what that would be.

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