Crystal Tower - Sky 5



The Crystal Tower grew out of Fire, our fifth element. I had prisms hanging in my room when I was a kid. They made rainbows on the walls, but I really liked looking into them. The colors came from deep inside and seemed endless. It may be a simple idea, but sometimes the best ideas are simple ideas. I think the concept of a crystal tower and the reflected changing colors would be a really dramatic visual in the movie. Don't you?

Michael and Kazmir flew above the flame, steam, and gushing lava to reach the side of the Crystal Tower. They turned sharply upwards and flew along the wall. They could see their small figures reflected back at them in its smooth, glistening surface until they finally reached a narrow window at the very top of the tower. They darted inside the small room and Michael climbed off Kazmir’s back. She warped to full size immediately and steadied herself as she stared through the crystal floor to the black ground, hundreds of feet below. The sky outside was turning from a burnt orange to a crimson red, and the crystal walls danced with the changing colors.

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