Kazmir Takes Off

Since the release of Adventures with Kazmir the Flying Camel, our audiobook, we've received so many wonderful comments from readers, listeners and the press. Now, we're daring to dream bigger! Could Kazmir and his friends be coming to the big screen...?

We're excited to begin shopping the story around to directors, producers, agents and anyone else who might be able to help turn Kazmir into a full-length motion picture!

As part of our presentation, we've created a documentary about our journey so far. In Kazmir Takes Off, you'll learn how the story of the audiobook came to be, and how a 12-year-old's dream came to life... and may soon turn into something more!


Every story needs a guide. Meet Alexis Zall, our very own Story Weaver (a character we created just for this campaign). In Kazmir Takes Off, Alexis introduces each vignette, each character and each twist and bend in the journey of making of the audiobook. With that je ne sais quoi that only a preteen girl can bring to this presentation, she charms, delights and inspires.

Will you be a Kazmir BFF?

To bring Kazmir to the silver screen, we first need to recruit an army of people who love Kazmir and his story! Join Kazmir's BFFs — the talented people who made the audiobook such a wonderful success: Bryan CranstonBill BrendleColleen O’Shaughnessey, and Steve Blum — and help spread the word.

Follow the adventure on the Kazmir blog, like Kazmir on Facebook and follow him on Twitter. Be sure to "share" Kazmir with your friends, and ask them to be a Kazmir BFF, too!

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