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Rave Reviews


Vivona’s book is so original,

entertaining and imaginative.

Good Reads with Ronna for LA Parent Magazine and Parenthood.

Our family listened

to it during a long drive and it kept our 11 year old entranced. We were anxious to find out what kind of character the next Sky would bring and was never disappointed. I am now ordering the book to have a hard copy to go along with the audiobook.

Patricia, grandmother

I loved

The Adventures of Kazmir, especially chapter 9, Wish Weaver.

Jake, 12

Great story for all ages.

Keeps children's attention waiting for what will happen next. The characters are brought to life by the author. Well written with great imagination.

Sheryl, mother

It was so enjoyable

that I shared it with my students as an excercise to improve their listening skills.

James, 5th grade teacher

I was captivated

by the story of Kazmir the Flying Camel. The entertaining and loving messages cary young listeners on an amazing journey.

Bryan Cranston

We drove to Gramma's house

and listened in the car. I like Michael-Ann.

Caroline, 11

It was my little brother's turn

to pick for our movie night. I was surprised that I liked it too.

Taylor, 14

Our whole family

just loved this story...and the music!

Jenny, mother of 3

I had the pleasure

of listing to The Adventures of Kazmir. I found it to be a fun story that I think younger kids would love. The story contains a fun adventure as well as some moral lessons. The different voices made the story easy to follow. It would be a great book for kids and I think adults will enjoy it as well.

Mitch, author