Music as Magic

Parthenon Huxley is a long time friend and all-around amazing person. Put a guitar in his hands and he'll move the earth from under your feet. When Michael and I decided to create Kazmir as an audiobook, we thought it was only fitting that the project have a theme song. I mustered up some courage and asked Parthenon if he would consider it. Not that I was afraid he'd say no, but I've been a fan of P's voice and style for years and the thought of having a theme song created by him for lil' ol' me was overwhelming.

Parthenon agreed to the project. The only parameter I gave him was that the song had to be titled My Special Angel because of the reference in the story. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll just have to download the book for yourself!) Anyway, my mom used to sing me a song with the same title when I was just a girl, so it sort of fit.

In April of 2009, Parthenon shows up at our house to record the song. He's sitting at our kitchen table working out a few last notes, or whatever genius' do on their little yellow pads. We go out to the studio to meet the other musicians. He runs down the song, the guys start playing along, Bill Brendle on keys, Tom Witt on bass, and Paul Allen drumming it out on the table, and pow! they got it. I mean, these guys are such pros! They only just heard the song for the very first time. It came together so smoothly. It was truly magical to witness.

Watch the music in the making: Creating the Theme Song

Hear the finished song here: My Special Angel

Parthenon Huxley
Parthenon Huxley