Like in a Movie Theater

I'm tickled pink! Mrs. Chandler's 4th grade class read (and listened to) Adventures with Kazmir the Flying Camel as part of their class assignment. All 31 students wrote me thank you letters. Truly the best part of this journey so far! They had favorite scenes (grammer and spelling left unaltered) "My favorite part of the story is when they meet the optionators because they were the ones that gave us options," Melanie. "My favorite part is the first sky because the Hammer Shnail sounds funny," Argin "My favorite part of the book was at the end of the book when Michael-Ann's father called her his special angel because I think it is so sweet," Carlee "It felt like you were in a movie theater," Eran

They had favorite characters "My favorite character is Michael-Ann because she was kind to go on a big journey and help people and face her fears," Miriam "She was just like many of us in 4th grade," Mariah "My favorite character is Farouk because he is evil and awesome and want to become ruler," Brian "The opling sounded so cute but helpless and when Michael-Ann helped him it opened my heart," Olivia

They asked questions "How do you make such good names?" Jaclyn "What gave you such good ideas?" Adam "Who gave you the idea of writing? Did it take a long time to get all the people for it?" Andrea

They gave plugs "Adventures with Kazmir The Flying Camel The Five Skies is a great story for any one all ages," Alexa "I really really enjoyed it, it was interesting it is now my favorite book. I have to tell my friends about your book is too good to not be read," Valerie "It is great you got inspired to write this amazing book. I will tell people to read it," Sienna

They even gave critiques "I really hope you make a sequel because the book was like a adventure in your mind," Sarahi "It was a very adventurous book and shows much detail," Sal "The voices matched perfectly and the story matched everything was perfect," Adam

The best part? On the back of every letter is a drawing. The students drew Kazmir and their favorite characters or their favorite scene. So, so cute.