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Kazmir the Flying Camel

An epic tale of a young girl and a magical flying camel.


Mosaic stirred the powder

with his fingertips. The powder rose from the table and swirled on its own. Gazing into the swirl, Mosaic the wizard caught a glimpse of Kazmir in his jeweled box. "Kazmir, from this stone you were born, your soul carved from rock of old, return now, for we must find the goddess with a heart of gold."


While on expedition

with her father in egypt, 12 year-old Michael-Ann discovers Kazmir, an enchanted toy camel with wings. Magically, she and Kazmir are summoned back to ancient Egypt by Mosaic the Great Wizard in order to rescue the young Pharaoh imprisoned among the Five Skies. Along the journey Michael-Ann encounters mystical creatures and learns the true meaning of balance, forgiveness and acceptance.


Courageous, powerful, and fragile,

the characters Michael-Ann encounters on her journey, soon make her realize she's far from home. 
The creator of this story, Gina Vivona, let her inner-child loose when observing the world around her. These observations gave her characters specific physical personalities, which helped tell the story in a unique and beautiful way.


To create the worlds

where the story happens, creator Gina Vivona looked to the five elements. Each world, or sky, was crafted around the element that embodies the landscape making them feel familiar and unique.




Dreaming of Kazmir

This is how I see this story. big monsters. real life situations. Growing independence. People of all ages go through various struggles at different times of their lives. The struggles are universal. The paths, unique.

World-renowned artist, Jay Vigon, illustrated my characters to give them their true depth and complexity.



Everyone's Listening

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Behind the Story

Meet the cast from the audiobook and watch the video about what it was like to record the narration, score, and voice characters.